On race and identity

The one-drop rule

  • First… 1662? Really?
  • Second… there exists… means it is still happening — there was some research as recent as 1992 where the US government denied a woman to claim ‘being Caucasian’ because one of her great-great-great-great-great parents was black, despite every other parent since then been white.
  • Third… the whites wanted to keep their bloodlines ‘pure’ — yet in that era, it’s safe to say that at least 99% of mixed-race new-borns were not conceived in love or consent. If they wanted to keep their bloodline pure, they should have kept their pants zipped. Pardon the vulgarity. Plus who is to say whose bloodline is purer than another, mixed or otherwise.
  • Fourth… hypo means less than or under or below e.g. hypothermia — less body heat, hypotension — less blood pressure etc etc — which means the whites deemed the offsprings as ‘less than’ descendants.



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Estar Gathu

Estar Gathu

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